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Toast 7 Titanium Version History

The following list details the version history for all Toast 7 Titanium updates.

Toast 7 Titanium v7.1 Update (Includes Toast Titanium v7.1, CD Spin Doctor v3.1, Motion Pictures v2.1.2 )

Toast Titanium v7.1:

Toast version 7.1 is now a universal binary application, and also addresses the following issues:

  • Previewing Apple Lossless audio files in Audio CD format no longer causes a -50 error.
  • Resolves QuickTime Movie video export issues - related to the QuickTime 7.1 update.
  • Resolves menu button highlight issues on Toast authored DVD-Video discs - related to the Mac OS 10.4.6 update.
  • Canceling the User Authentication step during the Toast Setup Assistant no longer causes a -60007 error.
  • The rename file field now moves correctly during scrolling up and down.
  • The content window no longer incorrectly scrolls when no horizontal scrollbar is displayed.
  • Resolves issues related to invalid characters in Mac Only, Mac & PC, and DVD-ROM UDF formats.
  • Resolves issues related to Music DVDs - audio playing back too slowly and static sound with some files at higher quality settings.
  • Resolves issues related to AppleScript - script was causing a -43 error.
  • Media Browser now correctly parses a YesVideo DVD with still images.
  • Includes an updated version of Deja Vu which preserves existing symlinks.

CD Spin Doctor v3.1:

CD Spin Doctor v3.1 is now a universal binary application.

Motion Pictures v2.1.2:

  • Toast 7.1 compatibility fixes.


Toast 7 Titanium v7.0.2 Update (Includes Toast Titanium v7.0.2, CD Spin Doctor v3.0.2, Motion Pictures v2.1.1 )

Toast Titanium v7.0.2:

  • Disc spanning now prompts to re-burn if a failure or error occurs while burning a single disc.
  • Includes Roxio Restore v1.0.2 which resolves an issue related to not finding the index file during restore. This version is automatically added to the Application Support/Roxio folder on your hard disk when you run Toast. All existing spanned discs will detect and use this newer version during the restore process.
  • Canceling burning while disc spanning now prompts for confirmation.
  • iMovie 5 projects with chapter markers are now correctly burned to DVD.
  • Media Browser now correctly displays iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums stored in Folders.
  • Media Browser now correctly displays titles and chapters from CPRM protected DVD-VR discs.
  • Video Export now properly supports MPEG4 and H.264 for iPod video.
  • Resolves crashes decoding and exporting DivX video files and exporting for PlayStation Portable.
  • Audio Export now properly supports MP4 for PlayStation Portable.
  • Audio Export OGG and FLAC options are now properly enabled.
  • "Toast It" desktop burning menu now correctly sends VIDEO_TS folders to the proper disc format.
  • "No Menu" style option now works correctly for Music DVDs.
  • Auto-play and continuous play options now work correctly for DVDs with a single image or single music track.
  • GIFs and TIFFs now correctly work as background images for data discs.
  • Resolves crashes that occur while moving or deleting files during the burn process.
  • Resolves an issue where burning multiple copies of a DVD would not complete correctly.
  • Displaying the recording sheet is no longer delayed if media is inserted while the record button is pressed.
  • The project estimation gauge is now more accurate for dual-layer media.
  • Resolves an issue where menus could become disabled if the screen saver activates while burning a disc.
  • Includes Deja Vu backup scheduler v3.2.1 which resolves numerous issues (see for details). Deja Vu is installed by the Toast Setup Assistant which runs the first time you launch Toast and can also be selected from the Help menu.
  • A "More DVD Menu Styles" link has been added to Help menu.
CD Spin Doctor v3.0.2:
  • Resolves an issue where auto-define tracks would incorrectly detect splits.
  • Desktop recording widget can now be installed directly from the New Recording dialog.
  • Resolves an issue with crashes when playing back 192 kHz/24 bit audio files.
  • Resolves an issue from crashing due to rapid starting and stopping of audio playback.
Motion Pictures v2.1.1:
  • Auto-rotate now correctly works with motion presets and when new pictures added.
  • Motion editing rectangles now properly support portrait images.
  • Group layouts now properly support portrait images.
  • Rendered video now properly falls within TV-safe areas.
  • Podcasts are now filtered out of audio list.
  • Full screen preview and motion preview correctly revert back to main window when finished.
  • Full screen preview is now blocked while encoding.
  • Includes correct Help files for English, French, German and Japanese.
Toast 7 Titanium v7.0.1
  • Includes French, German and Japanese versions of the software.
  • Includes help files for CD Spin Doctor and Motion Pictures.
  • Resolves an issue with audio input selection in the CD Spin Doctor recording widget.
  • Resolves issues with exporting movies from Motion Pictures HD.
  • Resolves an issue with using FLAC audio files in CDs and DVDs.