This is an upgrade version of Toast 9 Titanium and requires a prior version of Toast 8 Titanium, Crunch or Popcorn 3. The software will look for an eligible prior version on your Mac, or you will need to enter your prior version product key.

Your Price: $59.99*

*Introductory Price - Limited Time Only

Toast has gone hi-def! Top reasons to upgrade:

  • New! Lights, camera, action! - Import and create HD projects from your high def AVCHD camcorder content and, with the optional HD/BD Plug-in, burn to Blu-ray or even standard DVDs.
  • New! Burn HD TiVo TV shows and movies to Blu-ray, HD DVD, and standard DVD discs for playback on any compatible Blu-ray or HD DVD set top box!
  • New! The road warrior entertainment system - Stream your recorded TiVo shows, home movies and more from your Mac to your WiFi connected iPhone, iPod Touch, or internet connected Mac or PC.
  • New! Save valuable disc real estate and improve your viewing experience by cutting unwanted clips from TV shows.
  • New! Build a huge music library by capturing audio from the Internet use a new audio fingerprinting technology to identify song titles, artists and more.

Check out more of the new features below.


  • Improved! Mac & PC data spanning now without splitting files
  • Improved! Blu-ray Disc support for burning up to 50 GB
  • Improved! File recovery for damaged discs
  • Improved! Media Browser with file browsing, data filters and Spotlight search
  • New! HD DVD disc support for burning up to 30 GB